Setup Scheduling System Implemented by Cloudnet360 Staff

Setup Scheduling System Implemented by Cloudnet360 Staff

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The system is what makes the CloudNet360 the perfect management tool for coaches, consultants, trainers, or anyone that needs to keep multiple appointments throughout the week. Setting up the scheduling area is nearly the same for every client and includes the following:

  • Planning document, phone calls, emails and Skype chats with you to determine coaching or consulting levels and accompanying items and descriptions
  • Design header graphic for the Coach's Portal where clients will login to see a variety of pieces that also need to be setup.
  • Add coaching services (products in the shopping cart) and include the same cycle as for products, which includes all the pieces of the service itself
  • Apply cost per unit which then transfers into how much coaching time a client buys
  • Set tags and sales funnel so that new coaching clients are recorded in CRM
  • Set maximum amount of participants
  • Add recurring availability times
  • Produce order thank you page.
  • Add files to global customer portal such as new coaching client getting started document, assessments, reports.
  • Provide one hour training using GoToMeeting for screen connection. Learn how to add and manage coaching time in the scheduling system.

*You can also supply us with graphics produced by an outside designer and we will provide design specs and insert the graphics into the coach's portal area for you. 

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