Abandoned Cart Recovery Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Core System Setup

Abandoned Cart Recovery


On a recent blog post, we reported new industry statistics that 68.9% of all would-be buyers abandon the shopping cart before their order is complete. People in everyday life get distracted by phone calls, unexpected emergencies, can't find their credit card, or sometimes even have trouble finding their credit card to pay.

The abandoned cart recovery feature provides a way for you to automate your marketing to those that were at one point interested in buying and then, for whatever reason, decided to leave the sales process.

The other interesting statistic is that you could easily see a 15% increase or more in sales by marketing even even just a little bit to those who have abandoned their cart prior to purchase.

We will setup your Abandoned Cart marketing program with the following:

  • Auto-creation of a customer record in the CRM even if the visitor does not complete all of their contact information.
  • An “Exit Popup” that executes when a person tries to leave the order pages to visit another website asks the question “Are you sure you want to leave without completing your checkout?” Sometimes just asking the question convinces a person to complete the order.
  • An auto-responder that immediately sends an email to the recipient thanking them for visiting your website and offering your availability if there are any questions or concerns.
  • Add sequence of 2 additional pre-written emails that can be customized for any business which are scheduled to arrive the next day and one final day after the purchase was abandoned.
  • Include a merchant alert with text message to your cell phone so that you know every time someone has abandoned your order page.



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