Affiliate Program Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Setup Affiliate Program

Custom Order Page

Once you have all the pieces and parts operational, and a product that is already proven in the marketplace, consider allowing others to recommend your products and services to receive commissions and kickbacks for their referrals that turn into sales.

  • Planning document and phone consultation prior to implementation.
  • Addition of new affiliate program to the system.
  • Design affiliate area header, footer, and background.
  • Produce affiliate sign-up page.
  • Assign products that are approved to pay commission for.
  • Add custom thank you page for signing-up as an affiliate.
  • Write and format affiliate training program as to how to use the PWC system to help them sell more.
  • ADD media products to the CloudNet360 affiliate area as they are produced by client. Examples could be banner ads, emails, and videos.
  • Add-on Option: Put CloudNet360 in charge of creating all banner ads, emails and other media for affiliates to use in their sales efforts. $100 per banner ad, $50 per email. $100 per custom video.


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