Auto-Responder Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Auto-Responder Implementation by Cloudnet360 staff


Sales training has always taught that the average person needs to be communicated with at least seven times before making a purchasing decision.

Web marketing theory puts this number much higher, like 15 or even 20 “touches” required before the potential for a conversion to a sale increases. With the proper use of auto-responders combined with CloudNet360's  survey feature, sales lead time can be cut in half!

CloudNet360 staff uses a proven sequence of auto-responders and survey sequences that are pre-written and configured to be easily modified for any business. We will simply ask you some questions by phone or completed form and we will use your answers to help us customize the auto-responders for you.

  • Get sales faster by segmenting your list at the exact moment new subscribers opts-in.
  • Retain readers longer by establishing credibility as an authority in your industry.
  • Get subscribers excited to receive email from you by delivering content of value to them.
  • Prove to your readers that you are “current” or “cutting-edge” in your industry.
  • Get more conversions to sales as recipients experience the high quality of information you are already providing for free.
  • Test and tweak wording for even higher conversions later.
  • Save literally thousands of dollars you would have to pay a professional sales copywriter to custom create this auto-responder sequence for you.



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