Core System Setup Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Core System Setup

Core System Setup


Mapping Meeting and Core System Setup

This step usually requires two or three planning phone calls and several emails back and forth during the initial setup of the CloudNet360 core. We will start off with a planning document before our phone meeting is held. The outcome is that all the following items will be installed and activated within your account:

Basic Options
• Define email notifications
• Add main checkout URL
• Create main checkout order page
• Add custom messages to inform visitors why it's so important to create an account when on the transaction page

Advanced Options
• Add Terms of Service (supplied by client)
• Add setting for single versus double opt-in
• Add buyer agreement (supplied by client)
• Activate and customize customer recurring charge notifications (supplied by client)
• Add email privacy policy (supplied by client)

Look and Feel - Create main shopping cart area graphics to match (or at least be
Consistent with) the rest of the website consisting of a header, background and footer.
Payment Gateway - Use client's account to setup PayPal, PayLead and/or other payment
Gateway like (recommended).

Import Tax Rates – Client will supply tax rates and CloudNet360 will import tax rates to
the system as they are submitted.

Add Terms of Service – The TOS describes product usage and return policy.   (Supplied by client)



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