Custom Order Page Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Core System Setup

Custom Order Page


The look and feel of your order pages can have a dramatic impact on your sales conversion rates. You want a consistent look and feel between your website and order pages. This is accomplished by using graphics and colors from your main website and applying them to the internal settings of the CloudNet360 system.

There are many options available during the setup process of CloudNet360's shopping cart look and feel. You may elect to have an outside designer create your headers, backgrounds and images. We can insert them for you or we can just use the basic overall look of your website to bring in the colors and general theme.

Specifically, our CloudNet360 team will:

  • Copy your website header and adjust it for size to fit the CloudNet360 order page width for ALL pages using the “global” setting.
  • Produce a background image or use basic coloring (depending on your website look) to arrive at consistent looking order pages.
  • Adjust text colors and main product area body colors for best web marketing practices.

Include a merchant alert with text message to your cell phone so that you know every time someone has abandoned your order page.


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