Customer Portal Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Customer Portal Implemented by Cloudnet360 Staff

Customer Portal Implementation by Cloudnet360 stuff


The customer portal was created to provide one central location for a customer to go to retrieve files you provide, schedule coaching sessions, and take advantage of special offers for additional sales.

For implementation of the Customer Portal area, our CloudNet360 staff will:

  • Use the main graphics of your website or product sales header and create a customer portal header and background color or image. You are welcome to have a designer submit custom graphics for us to use as well.
  • Activate discount deals available only to your existing customers
  • Display order history
  • Produce gift certificates and offer them in the customer portal
  • Add files you provide so that any new customer will have access to those files automatically by accessing the customer portal
  • Setup the manage bookings area where your customers will go to sign-up for coaching or consulting time with you
  • Add dashboard text, graphics or video and content to the login landing page so that customer portal visitors are met with an inspiring message or specific instructions for use.

Customer Portal Implementaton by Cloudnet360 Consulting stuff