Project Manager Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Project Manager Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Project Manager

No “setup” is involved with this service but involves one-on-one or one-on-group training using GoToMeeting so that we can connect screens. Typical Project Manager training involves one to two hours with a senior product specialist.

We use the same system daily to manage the ongoing development of the CloudNet360 system and CloudNetConsulting services projects, so we will have many useful strategies for how to use this system to better manage your client projects or personal task lists.

Specifically, we will train you to use the Project Manager system using the following features:

  • Add new project descriptions.
  • Create task lists with specific to-do items.
  • Setup users (your hired helpers) to access the project management area.
  • Upload files to individual tasks (no more emailing files back and forth!).
  • Assign status paths to show progress and completion.
  • Create templates of projects to use over and over again.
  • Produce reports showing assignments, due dates, completions and tasks overdue.
  • Archive projects from the main dashboard view to minimize clutter.

Note: All of our training and consulting sessions are recorded for your future use.


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