Quick Launcher Implementation Package by CloudNet360 Staff

Customer Portal Implemented by Cloudnet360 Staff

The Quick Launch Starter ($395)

    • 1 Hour Project Kick-Off Meeting
    • Core Functions Setup
    • Website Setup
    • 1 Email Profile
    • 1 Product + 1 Auto-Responder
    • 1 Opt-in + 1 Auto-Responder
    • 2 Hours Strategic Coaching
    • 1 Hour Personalized Training


The Quick Launcher Package enables CloudNet360 implementation staff to get your website and main product “market ready” for the lowest investment and fastest turnaround time. In summary, there are 5 steps to our implementation services:

  1. Project Payment
  2. Project Planning Document
  3. Implementation
  4. Personalized training
  5. Completion

Here are the descriptions of the project planning document and the implementation components for the Quick Launcher Package.


The Project Planning “Pre-Flight” Document

We call our planning document a “pre-flight” because it's a bit like the process an airline pilot goes through before turning on the plane's engine. He inspects all elements and reviews his plan.

Each CloudNet360 project begins with your package purchase. After your payment is accepted, a screen will appear where you will download the appropriate pre-flight document for your project, which will be in a Microsoft Word format. Please complete the document, save it as a file of your own and return it to the email provided in the document. Then we’ll proceed to the Kick-Off Meeting.

Project Kick-Off Meeting
After your project planning pre-flight document is completed and returned to us, we will schedule a time to meet with you by phone (or Skype). We will start a GoTo Meeting and invite you to the call so that we can go through the pre-flight document together. Because of the pre-planning work you have completed on your end using the document, project kick-off calls sometimes last as little as ten minutes.

Core Functions Setup
Every new customer needs the core functions of their account setup. Some specific items may vary whether you need them right away, versus a couple of weeks from the implementation start date. But all Core elements are covered with any of our implementation packages including:

  • Email notifications of orders
  • Assignment of thank you pages and declined transaction URLs and clear cart URLs
  • Custom checkout items such as creating an account upon customer sign-up, whether products will display on the order page or not, activating or deactivating coupons and gift certificates, special handling instructions, image verification, shipping address activation.
  • Uploading images and photos submitted by client to the secure image area for use throughout the system
  • Payment gateway setup including PayPal, PayLeap, or Authorize.net
  • Taxes setup
  • Shipping setup

Website Setup and Build-Out
Our staff will help you choose and activate one of our fully responsive, mobile friendly, website design templates. From there, we will use your content to build out each part of the template.

Your website will be fully branded and uniquely customized with your logo, header slider images and graphics (as applicable per template) along with various elements of text for pages and additional information as needed.

The templates are proven conversion champions that turn website visitors into customers. Clients are advised to adhere to the selected template until their business is up, running, and generating sales. Some customizations can be made throughout the website which may carry extra charges but it’s very rare that a new customer benefits from immediate customization.

Email Profile
All auto-responders and newsletters are connected to an email profile personalized to suite your business and personal needs. Most companies have five to ten email profiles that are used for various promotional purposes. Your main profile is included with this package.

Product + Auto-Responder + Thank You Page
The main reason people come to CloudNet360 is for the online transactions component and the ability to have a custom thank you page with an auto-responder. Whether you sell a digital delivery item such as an ebook or sell a product to be shipped or a service to be rendered, we will setup that sequence in full for you as part of this package. Come back at any time to have us implement additional products or services for you within the system.

Opt-in + Auto-Responder + Request Received Page
Your website should have a giveaway (an ethical bribe) to inspire people to opt-in to your list. You create the giveaway in the form of a whitepaper PDF, video, audio or even a private blog post. We will create the opt-in form for you along with a single auto-responder message to send and a hidden page on your website that notifies the subscriber that your request for the giveaway has been received.

Strategic Coaching
Much more than “support’ or “system training”, Strategic Coaching moves the discussion much deeper into topics, techniques, and strategies that help you maximize sales, leads, follow up sales, and business automation to drive your system value sky high.

Throughout the implementation period, your project manager will be communicating with you primarily through the Project Manager area of your CloudNet360 system. When items or projects are complete, you will receive notice of completion and will be asked to review and sign-off on the items. Strategic coaching involves our adding comments inside the Project Manager along with any phone calls or Skype communications that are needed to complete the project. We allot two hours for this particular package. If excessive additional coaching hours requested, we may elect to add-on additional charges to the overall package.

After the project implementation is complete, we will provide one hour of training so that you understand what we did and how the components operate so that you can maintain what we have implemented. Additional training is available for purchase if you would like to learn any subject on a more in-depth level or another area of the system.