Recurring Billing Profiles Import Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Recurring Billing Profiles Implementation by Cloudnet360 staff

Recurring Billing Profiles



The most obvious use of recurring billing is for paid monthly services where you perform the tasks for your client and they allow a charge once a month from the credit card of their choice or other payment method such as PayPal.

The CloudNet360 recurring billing system can be setup to do just that and a whole lot more.

As part of the recurring billing profiles package, CloudNet360 staff will implement the following:

  • Setup low cost or no cost trial period on a product
  • Require a charge up front for a purchase with recurring fees to begin on a certain date or number of days after the initial purchase
  • Create up to 4 billing profiles so that a customer can choose the best payment option for their budget*
  • Prepare reminder emails to arrive before the billing date, on the billing date, and after the billing date (if card is no longer functioning).
  • Add monthly, quarterly or annually recurring services
  • Adjust payments to be ongoing or a certain number of payments

To expand on the “create four (4) billing profiles, consider the example of selling registrations at a conference. You might offer a one-time purchase price of $1,000. Having multiple profiles would allow you to offer four more options such as:

Example of a Possible Recurring Profile A
Pay two payments of $550 each, one now and one in two weeks.

Example of a Possible Recurring Profile B
Pay three payments; $100 up front, then $500 a month after the conference and another $500 the next month after the conference.

Example of a Possible Recurring Profile C
Pay $500 up front and then $100 per month for six months.

Example of a Possible Recurring Profile D
Pay $500 up front and then $250 per month ongoing coaching and free admittance to the conference.

Again, these are just examples. Be creative! Know your audience. Provide multiple recurring billing options for your customers to buy and they will choose the option that's best for them.

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