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Sales Paths

Hit the ground running with hands free CRM sales automation that leverages your sales presence, nurture leads and turn them into paying customers while tracking every aspect of your customer and prospect actions and desires.

Each Sales Path set up includes the following:

  • Consultation & Planning – Up to 1 hour on a GoTo meeting with a strategic expert to help you configure the ultimate sales path conversion tool.

  • Profiles – 3 custom profiles to use as your “face” to the customer. You can use this powerful system for 1 business and multiple people or multiple people, from multiple businesses, that you own and operate.

  • Email Messages – Up to 12 emails configured with your message and desired timing and/or logical conditions. *Please note: Each sales path can contain an unlimited number of emails so just let us know if you want more than 12.

  • Standard Tasks – Up to 5 standard tasks blended into the Sales Path. Emailing is great but the CRM Sales paths can do much more than act as a simple autoresponder. You're able to blend emails, sales calls, SMS messages, follow up calls, snail mail as well as special “instant alerts” to advise you when specific customer trip wires are triggered.

  • Custom Tasks – Up to 3 custom tasks blended into the Sales Path. In addition to the standard tasks, you're also able to add custom tasks perfectly suited to your business.

*All content for emails, etc. is the responsibility of the customer. Copywriting is not included in this service.


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