Squeeze and Thank You Page Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Squeeze and Thank You Page

Squeeze and Thank You Page

A squeeze page is created as its own page on a website. Typically, traffic campaigns are launched to bring visitors directly to that page instead of to the home page. Opt-in forms are different from squeeze pages because opt-in forms are usually displayed on every page of website.

Squeeze pages are also different from long-form sales letter pages you might be used to seeing the web in that they are short and designed to quickly squeeze you into choosing just one or two options as a next step.

We will work with you to:

  • Select the best squeeze page template from our library of templates that makes the most sense for what your goals.
  • Populate the template with content you supply
  • Add product purchase buttons or opt-in form as you request
  • Swap out template images with custom images you provide (some templates restrict changes)
  • Build thank you page that will provide the buyer with additional instructions once the order is complete
  • Add a sales path and tags to assign customer-defined tracking terms to the CRM record of each new customer or subscriber.

Keep in mind that once the questions and answers are uploaded into the Q&A Library, you’ll be able to reuse them over and over in an unlimited number of surveys.


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