Survey Creation Implementation by Cloudnet360 Staff

Survey Creation

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Regular surveys are great at mining those golden nuggets of hidden information but the CloudNet360 Action Survey system is so powerful it makes those other surveys look like monkeys.

We’ll take your questions and answers and construct the perfect survey to segment your list precisely the way you desire.

Each survey service will include the following:

  • Consultation & Planning – Up to 1/2 hour on a GoTo meeting with a strategic expert to help you configure the perfect survey for your.
  • Q&A Library – We’ll take your questions and your answers to the questions and configure the survey questions in the style desired for each question i.e. scale, multiple choice, true / false, etc. Up to 12 questions & 26 answers.
  • Answer Scoring – The heart of the Action Survey system lies in the answer scoring for each answer in each question.
  • Branding – Your brand will be added to the survey to personalize it to your business.
  • Survey Customization – Choose from one of the professionally designed survey templates or upload your own graphics.
  • Survey Type – Display all the questions and answers at one time or one question at a time to keep your audience focused.

Keep in mind that once the questions and answers are uploaded into the Q&A Library, you’ll be able to reuse them over and over in an unlimited number of surveys.


Survey Creation