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A business owner will approach a web services provider wanting a website designed first with the intent to add-on a shopping cart, 3rd party email system, and some other software for membership later. With CloudNet360, planning and implementation is best performed in the opposite direction with the website being setup last. There are three ways to create a website for use with CloudNet360.

  • Build your own website with your own website hosting – We suggest WordPress if you go this route as PWC has built several custom programs specifically to help CloudNet360 tools work with WordPress websites.
  • Use CloudNet360's built-in Website Builder and choose from their many templates. 
  • Custom design a website look and feel with an outside designer and then pay CloudNet360 between $500 and $2,000 to set it up in their system PLUS our implementation fee as listed above.

Our recommendation is that you should review the templates provided in the website builder and work with CloudNet360 staff directly for guidance with the right design look BEFORE just jumping to the decision of paying top dollar outside for custom design. If you would like to have CloudNet360 staff help with implementing PWC tools with your WordPress website, prices will be supplied with a separate quote once we see your website. The remainder of this item list will focus on the package offer to setup your webiste within the CloudNet360 website builder.

  • Planning document – We use a detailed planning document for websites called a website pre-flight. This document is to be completed by the client and then a website pre-flight kick-off planning meeting by phone or in person is held.
  • Logo – All website designs should begin with the logo. The client always furnishes the logo to be used n digital format before the implentation begins.>
  • Header - The template provides a header but the client can supply graphics to replace the header and make it look more consistent without company branding.
  • Pages – Initial page content will be supplied by client to CloudNet360 for implementation. The first 15 pages are included with this package. After that, additional pages will be $25 to $100 depending on complexity.
  • Menu Bar -The menu bar will be created with top level page names and drop-down menus for interior pages.
  • Slider – Client will supply a single static image or up to 5 photos or images to rotate in the slider area for the home page. A YouTube video can also be used in this space.
  • Home Page content – Will be supplied by client and given to CloudNet360 staff for install.
  • Home Page Images - All images and photos will be supplied by client. CloudNet360 will offer guidance for you to work with a designer for producing small visuals. Since the pre-made template already handles most of the heavy graphics, there is not much need for a high-end designer. Most clients are able to get the buttons and small design components they need by paying a designer less than $50 on or some other budget design website.
  • Social Media Connections – CloudNet360 will add all connections to the site for your social media where a branded page is present.
  • ProductPages – With product already produced in the CloudNet360 system, we will connect those proucts with the home page of the website to a section called "Featured Products."